Quart de Poblet

  • Voluntariat Europeu
    Les nostres voluntàries han rebut ja els materials del #CosEuropeuDeSolidaritat de part de l’IVAJ. 😃 #Voluntariat #Joventut #XarxaJove
  • To be an european volunteer or not to be, that’s the question…
    And you come back, thinking that now you are only you, that you are not part of something bigger anymore. But between yesterday and today, a lot of things happened. Wonderfull things, of course, great meetings, beautiful moments, important discoveries, but also many failures, doubts, frustrations and disappointments. It’s certainly here, where the biggest part
  • ¿Cómo está yendo la situación del Covid en mi país, Rumanía?
    Ahora peor que en marzo, pero la gente ya no toma tantas medidas. Las noticias siguen avisando, los números de los casos subiendo, pero no hay restricciones fuertes. En Rumanía desde marzo los bares, restaurantes, todo el interior sigue cerrado. Solo han abierto las terazas. Parece que con las vacaciones, todos han olvidado la existencia
  • Let’s begin
    Hello 🙂 I’m Giada, I’m italian and I’ve decided to spend one year volunteering in Spain, in a city close to Valencia, I’m here with Andrea, and since she already talked about ours activities –> go and read her post if you haven’t done yet..http://mystory.amics.eu/archivos/183 I’m gonna write my impression about Spain, here is very
  • First impressions
    I have arrived to Valencia, on the 7th of January, 2020 (we still did not know back then that this year is going to be a real life movie..). Enrique, the best tutor of the world (He told us to say this every time), was waiting for me at the train station. We walked to
  • Andrea from Romania 2020
  • Giada from Italy 2020
  • Niall from Ireland 2019
    Niall was in Quart de Poblet (Quart Jove)
  • Helene from FR 2019
    Helene was in Quart de Poblet (Quart Jove)