• 2: October – My month alone
    My first month in Sagunto was a pretty intense experience. I was the only volunteer in the project at the moment and I couldn’t speak spanish. It never happened to me before to not being able to communicate, because when i did my first Erasmus + experience my english was already decent. It was tought
  • 1: September – Wellcome to Casal Jove
    Hi, I am Luca, and I’m volunteering now in Puerto de Sagunto.Why did I decided to leave? Because I always wanted to try to live abroad, because I’m going to finish university but i don’t know what i want to do with my life, and because after Covid I was feeling a sense of emptiness
  • My Sixth month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    Hola! 👋 Can you believe it’s already been 6 months in 🇪🇸? Time flies ✈ I’m happy to say that I’ve been feeling more confident with my Spanish lately 🇪🇸. I’ve been chatting with my coworkers at work and even making new friends 🤙 I had the opportunity to experience Fallas in Valencia for the
  • My fifth month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    My fifth month begun by going to a school dressed like Sonic 🏃‍♂️💨 to promote an event at our work, that’s good marketing tbh hahah. Anyways, after a week another best friend of mine(i have a lot of best friends lol) came to Valencia to see me (he said), let’s say that i believe him.
  • My fourth month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    My fourth month in Spain begun when i returned 13 January (a bit late but the plane tickets were expensive afff) Anyways, after returning from Greece 🇬🇷 i appreciated more the area i live. Having to live less than 1 minute from the beach it’s quite amazing 😂 Also my level of spanish instantly went
  • My third month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    Sooo(❄️🥶), December begun with the wrong foot because i had a bad illness and i missed my trip to Madrid (🥲) Around in the middle of December i went back to Greece to my Familia to spend the christmas and new years 🎄🌟 🛫 Before flying to Athens i went to Barcelona and it happened
  • My Second Month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    Second Month in Spain, Valencia was mostly about exploring. seeing familiar faces again and Self Reflection. 🧘‍♂️ The first days of November my friends Elli and Sergi came to visit me in Valencia, we had a great time as we already knew each other from Greece. We explored Valencia, we ate traditional food and of
  • My first month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard
    INTRO So my name is Leonard, I’m 21 years old and i was born in Romania in the Transylvania part. At 1 year old i went to Greece with my family so from then till now i was living there. Basically i know 4 languages Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, English and NOW my mission is to
  • The beginning month
    My first month here I arrived on the 19th Of July and went into CasalJove for the first time the next day. I was surprised by how different the youth centre was compared to the UK and Poland. I met a couple people there and then went and joined one of the summer schools that
  • A one way ticket
    A one way ticket. It all started around the end of June 2022. I was back at my hostel in London working again after travelling for two months and everything started seeming monotonous again, even the weather… I started to research where I could travel to next or even move to and there were so
  • August & me as a tour guide in Spain
    They say the best things happen in August… For real, August was month full of meetings with my Bulgarian friends who came to visit me here in Puerto de Sagunto, that I can confirm that I am now becoming a tour guide in the area. I had to show to each of them Valencia, Ciudad
  • Hot summer nights, mid-July
    There is a reason why Lana del Rey sings about nights of July. July truly is my favorite month of the summer… and even of the whole year. The bad thing is that it is already nearing its end. If you know, you know – Escola d’Estiu is a thing and I can’t believe how
  • So far, so good
    Helloooo! It’s me again – Vasya from BulgariaLet me tell you a little bit more for my experience as a volunteer in Puerto de Sagunto. There is only one word I can use to describe the days gone by – gratefulness. For the understanding and support I find in my colleagues, for the nights that
  • It’s a new chapter, huh
    “So you will leave your cat, friends and us for a few months?” – My father asked me when I told him that the final decision has been made. I was moving from Bulgaria to Puerto de Sagunto to be a volunteer until the end of 2022. It all happened so spontaneously – I was
  • It’s a wrap – Moni
    One year has passed. I stare at the screen and try to understand this sentence. I arrived to Spain 365 days ago and I still remember it as it was yesterday. The long-long flight (I didn’t have a direct option because of Covid), the text message from my flatmate asking if I like veggie pasta
  • Writer’s block – Moni
    So the thing is that I am supposed to write a blog in every month to monitor my time here in Spain. It’s a pretty useful concept, because future volunteers can get a glimpse into others’ experiences but it’s good for me as well, because it makes easier to remember the tiny bits and I
  • Madre mia – Moni
    Do you know that feeling, when you’re on a road (in literal or figurative sense) and you’re quite upset because it seems endless and you feel like you’re barely moving but at one point for some reason you look back and realise how far you’ve come? Well this is that “one point” for me and
  • Another ride on the rollercoaster – Moni
    I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of summer. Then again when the sun rises on the 1st day of September, I hear the Earth, Wind & Fire tune in my ear and feel like my time has come. I enjoy this time when the world calms down a bit and the
  • Re-energising at home – Erin
    The past 5/6 months have been a real whirlwind of challenges, fun experiences, and memories I will treasure. Now it’s time for me to re-energise and spend time at home in the UK with my family and friends. Due to covid it has been a long time since I have seen them all, and it’s
  • Back to life, back to reality – Moni
    Since I finished university and started “adult life” with a 9-5 job and 20 days off/ year I kind of forgot this bittersweet feeling around the end of August and the beginning of September. The time when the balmy days are over but you’re about to see your classmates again and share all the memories