• poliValensilla chapter 3
    Women of March, marching women My 3rd month happened to be focused on inspiring women along my path. Hereby I thank all of you for teaching me.
  • poliValensilla chapter 2
    Chapter two, February.My project’s name is “breaking stereotypes”. With this special focus I got the opportunity to expand this term in my own life many times thoughout my second month.Lot of things happened: I started taking my Spanish lessons in the adult education centre, it is intense given the fact that the teacher only speaks
  • poliValensilla chapter 1
    My reset year, chapter one, January. I ‘ve lived abroad by myself more than a decade ago, yes, I have been young for quite awhile. So I guess afterall I am representing the idea of never too late to change, to take a step or rather to jump into another unknown, frightening yet promising and
  • Second Month in Spain
    Holaa. I am in the second month. I started my Volunteering job. I am working with kids. Everyday we are doing different things. Monday I have theater lesson. Tuesday we have meeting with youths. Wednesday we have a cooking and japonés lesson. Thursday computer lesson and Friday we have a game night. I have two
  • My First Post in the Spain
    Hello everyone. I came here 2 weeks ago. In this period I’ve been through a lot. I will start with the bad experiences. I caught a cold on the plane but the first day I didn’t understand that. I came to home and I was so tired. I slept a little bit than I woke
  • No goodbye see you soon..
    Today is an emotional day where i have to say see you soon.. I started a new story in Spain when I needed it most in my life. 1 year passed both very quickly and in a very meaningful way and I came to the end. A long period of time has passed, and the
  • Tras la historia de una nueva aventura
    Un joven descubre el maravilloso mundo europeo y decide viajar para conocer nuevos lugares y abrir su mente. Me llamo Melquiades y he aterrizado aquí en Silla hace un par de meses gracias al proyecto europeo del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad (CES) realizando mi aporte en el Espai Jove ayudando a dinamizar las distintas acciones
  • That time of the year.
    İf i tell 12 year old Zeynep that she will be spending her new years in Spain, she wouldn’t believe it. This time of the year, when the streets are busy with people shopping, snacking in coffeeshops or going out for dinner buildings decorated with colorful christmas lights it’s hard not to see Spain as
  • Live the experience yes or yes
    I’m in the final three months of my Erasmus program. I’m in November, and it’s nice to be able to get out in just a jacket. Until this point, I had been going about asking things like “how hot can a city get?”  Fortunately, the winter months have arrived. But I have to admit that
    We all want to get out of our comfort zones now and then, but it’s scary. We choose to stay where we are because we are frightened to take risks, no matter how good the life scenario we would like to have. So what can we do? First, I compile a list of everything I
  • Meghan from Austria
    As I am writing this, I realize that as of tomorrow, I have already been living here in Silla, Spain for one month. Even though it’s true, it feels rather surreal to say these words out loud. Moving abroad- just after having graduated high school and with having no experience of living in a shared
  • Tale from Germany
    My name is Tale, I am 19 years old and I am from a small town in the north of Germany. I finished school this year, so I was looking for some new experience and adventures. I decided to go abroad as a volunteer to meet a lot of people, learn Spanish and to challenge
  • Thinking out loud
    I’m not sure how much of what I’m thinking can be conveyed to the page. People use their experiences to make a location their home. All objects and persons are ghosts unless we have memories of them. However, as your memories gather and your days pass bitterly and sweetly, you begin to form your own
  • Ready, steady, aim and cheer
    Hola familia, me presento.Mi nombre es Melquiades y soy voluntario europeo en el espai jove de Silla.Inicio esta etapa con muchas ganas, mucha ilusión y mucha fuerza, deseando hacerlo lo mejor que sé. Toda esta andadura comienza con una propuesta en junio para realizar un training course en Bulgaria, seguido de un proyecto grupal en
  • Today is difficult tomorrow will be worse but later the sun will rise
    adiós verano… Summer is over, with it the laughter in the pool, the improvised plans, the smell of sunscreen have gone… Now September begins, the month that we never want to arrive but that with its speed, surprises us every year. These month I have learned that you cannot expect anything from anyone, that people
  • I don’t want to listen to songs any longer I want to sing
    June is one of my favorite months, especially the 13th. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me I’d be 23 in Spain. With my buddies, we had a fantastic birthday celebration. For me, it was unique. Every year, I continue to discover new things. In each new age, I continue to discover new things.
  • Amics – The Pioneers of Gaming in Non-formal Education
    Games are an essential part of our lives. We start playing sooner than we can walk to discover both the real world and imagined lands; then it becomes a social activity to form and strengthen relationships, and it stays in our hearts as a source of happiness until we are unable to see the shrinking
  • “si el viento no te lleva, rema”
    3 months ago, I was a news editor for a television channel, while I was attending school, I was trying to continue my business life.  Everything happened so suddenly and I found myself here sometimes I am still amazed. I’ve experienced so much in such a short time. I cried, I laughed, I got sad,
  • Sara – Granada (Spain)
    Hola, soy Sara y soy de Granada (Andalucía). He venido a Silla a hacer un voluntariado en el centro ocupacional Tola, en el que se lucha porque las personas con diversidad funcional logren cumplir sus metas, expresen sus deseos y sean escuchados, tengan toda la autonomía posible y se relacionen con su comunidad. Llevo aquí
  • Youth Club Activities, from Boredom to Peace – Alexander
    Before I moved to Spain in October, I had never taken part in weekly youth work activities – nor known what a youth center really was. But this was about to change, as I do a part of my volunteering in Espai Jove Silla. I often felt uncomfortable at first, but I came to realize