• poliValensilla chapter 10
    In the castle of Alicante
  • 9 months in Spain
    Enrique invited to party in Alfafar. I really like it because the screens,sound,singers were really good. My Turkish friend opened a new nail art saloon. I am looking her Instagram. I wanted to improve myself about this and thanks to my friend she accepted. this month was so chill. Generally I focused myself. Because I
  • 8 months in Spain
    Hello. This month was really great. I participated to project in piles. I made videos,photos. For sure new friends. I learned how can I write project, how can do brainstorming with that? When I came to Silla back there was a party’s,bulls. I don’t remember the name but I really love it. It was not
  • 6 month in Spain
    Hello. I finished half of my journey. Now we are in the summer and Spain getting more beautiful. Firstly my Turkish friends went to Turkey. We had a such good connection. When I back for sure we will see eachother but for now I’ll miss them. At the weekends they were always invite me party,eat
  • 7 month in Spain
    Hello. I started the summer school. I was getting up at 8am. Why am I saying this because Valencia is so hot. I saw 42 degrees so you can imagine. When I was walking the school,I was melting. In the school every responsible people had a group. It was hard for me because I am
  • Ilkcan explains his story as volunteer
  • The story of Rebeka in Silla (ESC)
  • poliValensilla chapter 9
    As Alfafar festivity continued in the beginning of September I got into the flow of the barracon’s life with its challanges and fun moments like the fire show on the street and our board game moments. Before the festivity’s wrestling match one wrestler asked me for a braid and I was super motivated and happy
  • poliValensilla chapter 8
    August started with the Partnership Building Activity for organisations in Piles, where I was within the team responsible for planning and executing the program and activities. I enjoyed it and learned by the exerience how such event can be done. The closeness of the see was a blessing for morning walks and afternoon beachtimes. It
  • poliValensilla chapter 7
    July started with a beautiful visit to Gestalgar in the summer heat with Carlos and Enrique, where I enjoyed the natural ‘piscina’s’ coolness with jumps and the excitement of wall climbing. The majority of my July’s duty was going to the summerschool in the mornings. There I was assisting the monitors, helping around kids and
  • poliValensilla chapter 6
    After arriving back from Madrid, where I watched the lion king – amazing visual, sound effects and puppet work – with Enrique and had a bit of sightseeing, I had my “mountain and me weekend” around Agres, where I felt aligned with the nature and enjoyed my adventures to find my routes in my way.In
  • 5 month in Spain
    Hello. This month I went Italy Milan. I really didn’t like the Milan because every is store,everyone so rich so I didn’t feel like I was in the Europe. Also I stayed at the airport it was really bad experience . After that I went to Turkey. I really missed my family and my friends.
  • poliValensilla chapter 5
    May the force be with you May was the month of Agres, the inception village in the middle of the breathtaking nature and where I did not even mind to have my on arrival training online, given that I had the opportunity to have my mini walks during the 15 mins breaks. As my main
  • Third Month In Spain
    Hellooo. I will start with the Fallas. It was 19 days. I really enjoyed in the fallas because in the streets you can see a lot of art. They are doing sculpture and they are burning at the last day. I saw the Valencia heart fallas burning. It was really good also i watched to
  • Fourth Month In Spain
    Hellooo. This month was amazing because I went to benicassim and alicante. I will start with the Benicassim. In there we had a arrival meeting. I met with a lot of people there. They were also doing volunteers but they are living different places. The hostel food was really bad. I was so hungry whole
  • poliValensilla chapter 4
    April started with my brother´s visit. Since he is a big fun of wrestling we went to Tyris to watch the Snowball 16, this was also the trial day of the “banana bites”, my next healthy catering idea, slight success. The upcoming day we watched a wrestling training with the extremely skilled, humble and fun
  • poliValensilla chapter 3
    Women of March, marching women My 3rd month happened to be focused on inspiring women along my path. Hereby I thank all of you for teaching me.
  • poliValensilla chapter 2
    Chapter two, February.My project’s name is “breaking stereotypes”. With this special focus I got the opportunity to expand this term in my own life many times thoughout my second month.Lot of things happened: I started taking my Spanish lessons in the adult education centre, it is intense given the fact that the teacher only speaks
  • poliValensilla chapter 1
    My reset year, chapter one, January. I ‘ve lived abroad by myself more than a decade ago, yes, I have been young for quite awhile. So I guess afterall I am representing the idea of never too late to change, to take a step or rather to jump into another unknown, frightening yet promising and
  • Second Month in Spain
    Holaa. I am in the second month. I started my Volunteering job. I am working with kids. Everyday we are doing different things. Monday I have theater lesson. Tuesday we have meeting with youths. Wednesday we have a cooking and japonés lesson. Thursday computer lesson and Friday we have a game night. I have two