• From integration to interaction
    I’m Francesco, I’m 26 years old, I’m Italian, I recently graduated with a master’s degree in psychology and after having done a year of internship in a Psychiatric Hospital in my city in Italy I decided to try to have an experience in Spain. What brings me here is the desire to learn a new
  • abril y mayo – meses 6 y 7
    Al principio del abril nos fuimos para unos días a Alicante para participar y ayudar en un proyecto de Amics en relación con juventud. Fui muy interesante y también divertido conocer a nueva gente y hablar sobre varios temas. Ademas me ha gustado muchísimo visitar la cuidad. Así que fuimos a ver el castillo desde
  • March – 5 months in
    And again, another month is over. And unfortunately, so are Las Fallas. The most spectacular and beautiful time we have had here so far.  But let’s start with the beginning of March…At the beginning we flew back to Berlin for a few days to be able to attend the birthday of my little sister, which
  • Already a quarter of our time past
    Since we wrote last time, a lot has changed and we have experienced a lot of new things. Back in December we got to know Valencia at Christmas time: we strolled through the Christmas markets, looked for gifts for our loved ones back at home and went to a candlelight concert.  Then I spent the
  • Already a month gone
    (Maxima – Germany) As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe that just a month ago I was running around my home in Berlin trying to get everything into my suitcases. When Camillo`s (my boyfriend) and my adventure started with the flight from Berlin to Valencia, I was very excited, nervous
  • Tola, my ESC project
    This month I want to share a bit more about what I am doing at work as I think a lot ofpeople cannot imagine volunteering in a centre for people with functional diversity. Before Icame to „TOLA “(which is the name of the Centre), I did not know what to expect, especiallysince I never worked
  • Working at tola and the intensity of social work
    Since last October, I have been working at TOLA, an occupational center for people with mental as well as physical disabilities. In the center, the users can partake in quite a lot of activities, it offers different services ranging from gardening work, craft classes, sport activities, individual learning, and various other workshops. Besides that, one
    Right now I am laying in the sun, waiting for my bla bla car in Granada, to head back to Valencia. I spent 10 days exploring a small part of Andalusía with three friends. Those days were super relaxing as we spent a lot of time at the beach, going swimming, reading, sleeping and just
    As April arrived, I was really excited because I went on vacation for 10 full days. Me and some friends went to two places in Andalucía, where I had never been before and only heard great things about. I was especially excited to go the south this month, as it had basically rained all of
    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about March is – FALLAS.„Las Fallas“ is the biggest and kind of most important holiday in Valencia. In those four days all of Valencia parties on the streets, no matter if it is sunny or raining. (We had awful weather.) Every day for 19
    This years ‘March has truly been a one of a kind experience. That’s because March is one of the -if not the most important month in Valencia, as it is the month of „Las fallas“. It is the celebration of the arrival of spring, which is kind of ironic because here, it never rained so
  • Visit to Madrid
    Right now, I am sitting in a bla bla car on my way back to Valencia. My roommate and I spent fourdays in Madrid, a city I fell in love with. There are so many beautiful places in Spain, and I am reallyexcited to travel more through the country. I am so grateful to be
  • Fresh start
    The first week of this year I spent in Austria and went skiing with my friends. Ihad an extremely nice time back home, which made saying goodbye evenharder. It felt a bit like when I left for the first time. Now I had to get used toSpain again which was not easy still I was
  • Mixed Feelings
    December was great still time went by so fast. I started the month with a trip toBarcelona with three friends, where we had an amazing time. I really enjoyedstaying in this City as it offers a lot and reminds me a bit of my hometownVienna. As Christmas came closer everyone at work was in a
  • Time will tell
    The first month of this year flew by in no time. The first week of 2022, I spent at home in Austria, which consisted of many joyful emotions. After that, it was a matter of time before really arriving in Spain mentally again. At times, I was a bit sad about not being at home.
  • Feelings and thoughts when coming home
    My December was shaped by my two weeks stay back in my home, Austria. Coming back to Austria for the Christmas holidays was quite a weird trip. Knowing that you‘re only there for vacation- at your own Home and town- that’s a weird feeling, especially because my stay in Spain is the first time ever
  • One month here…
    Right now, I am sitting in my favourite parc and realise how fast time passes. One month ago, I arrived in sunny Spain, and I now live in a cute town called Silla, which is near to Valencia. I am 19 years old, just graduated high school and decided it was time for me to
  • School of life
    Time really does fly when you are having fun. To me, it’s crazy that I’ve already been here for two months, it went by so fast. During this time, I already learnt so much- from being able to order in Spanish without getting nervous to adapting to an apartment without heat where you must sleep
  • Marina from Croatia 2020
    Marina is doing her ESC at CO Tola
  • Thomas from France 2020
    Thomas participates in the ESC of TOLA