My third month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard

I’m adjusting the scarf, I’m not rolling a cigarette

Sooo(❄️🥶), December begun with the wrong foot because i had a bad illness and i missed my trip to Madrid (🥲)

Around in the middle of December i went back to Greece to my Familia to spend the christmas and new years 🎄🌟

🛫 Before flying to Athens i went to Barcelona and it happened to be the FINAL of the World Cup and i was lucky to experience the atmosphere argentinians 🇦🇷 made even in Barcelona, with my best friend which she was randomly there lol

🧑‍💼Work wise we were doing activities with kids with Christmas topic and it was fun to see the kids getting excited for it!

*not a lot of photos because i was with my family*