My fourth month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard

My fourth month in Spain begun when i returned 13 January (a bit late but the plane tickets were expensive afff)

Anyways, after returning from Greece 🇬🇷 i appreciated more the area i live. Having to live less than 1 minute from the beach it’s quite amazing 😂

Playa Puerto de Sagunto

Also my level of spanish instantly went to another level while i stepped foot in spain again and i was comfortably engaging in a conversation 🫡

At 21 January there was a celebration called San Antoni in Sagunto where they did a firework show and nearly burn my white shoes 👟 lol (actually they burned a very small part of the shoe). I cant wait to burn my whole outfit in Fallas 🙌

At 29 January i went to my best friend in Madrid (finally) and we spent some time wondering the chaotic city it is, honestly Valencia>Madrid+Barcelona 💪

My friend Elli while drinking like a proper Greek Person

Andddd that’s how i will close this monthhhhh 🫶