Second Month in Spain

Holaa. I am in the second month. I started my Volunteering job. I am working with kids. Everyday we are doing different things. Monday I have theater lesson. Tuesday we have meeting with youths. Wednesday we have a cooking and japonés lesson. Thursday computer lesson and Friday we have a game night. I have two favorite lesson. The first one is theater because I don’t know spanish but teacher generally includes me in the lesson. Second is game nights because with the kids we are playing a lot of games. I played a lot of games sometimes it’s really hard because of the language but with the translater it’s getting funny. In Friday’s kids are more happy so we are talking more than other days. When I talk with them they are teaching new things. I am saying kids but the age range is 12 to 16 generally. Also youth center workers are really perfect. I love them. No one speaks English except 1 person but they are trying to speak english. We have an app. When we want to say something we are using that. Sometimes it’s hard but sometimes really funny. I am really happy to work in Espai Jove 🙂