poliValensilla chapter 1

My reset year, chapter one, January.

I ‘ve lived abroad by myself more than a decade ago, yes, I have been young for quite awhile. So I guess afterall I am representing the idea of never too late to change, to take a step or rather to jump into another unknown, frightening yet promising and exciting adventure of your life. (clarification: if you are implementing it with E+ there are some deadline though, so ‘never too late’ is a bit of an exaggeration but untill you turn to your 31 year old beautiful self, it is not too late) Starting everything, well not everything but a lof things from zero can be tiring and annoying and also uplifting and like a new piece of white paper clear and inviting to fill it with new habits, people, mindset, a new you.

Why did I jump?
To get rid of old layers that just stucked somehow throuthout the years and felt natural but on the other hand did not serve me, my path, my developement anymore.
To clear and tidy up my soul, to get closer to my deep core, to find or get closer to my mission, to hear my calling more precisely.

I started to read an ebook on my phone while sitting on the plane being on airplane mode, I mean it was in all senses airplane mode. Travelling, leaving, changing, switching off something that is not working so well anymore and moving on with hope to step forward, inward and outward. There were two words grabbing my attention: ambivalecia y polivalencia, meaning ambivalence and polyvalence.
So welcome to my ambivalent poliValencia.