poliValensilla chapter 2

Chapter two, February.
My project’s name is “breaking stereotypes”. With this special focus I got the opportunity to expand this term in my own life many times thoughout my second month.
Lot of things happened: I started taking my Spanish lessons in the adult education centre, it is intense given the fact that the teacher only speaks Spanish, sometimes it is very tiring to keep up.
Little happy moments of the language learning progress: Understanding a bit more from Spanish conversations day by day.

During the activities of the youth centre and the visits in schools  – those are partly my work – I got to know the kids and the colleagues. It was truly touching to think about the different journeys  that these little creatures might have gone through untill they ended up here, coworkers were very wellcoming.
I experienced different way of reactions towards me speaking English day after day – natural, excited, nervous, reluctant, rejecting.

On one of the weekends there was a massive happening related to the topic of inclusion, newcomers in Spain located in Picassent with 130+ youngsters, where I got the opportunity to organise interviews (me being the camerawoman-I would not expect that I would enjoy it so much) and hold energiser for almost ‘dead’ kids, I mean we were after lunch and after a very dense morning, it was challenging.

Furthermore online workshops of Youth in Art project started, we were learning about tools of art to connect with yourself, deepen your self-discovery with pshycodrama, and thanks to a beautiful cooperation, our local event was implemented in a multicolour group with people who had very strong ability to feel emotions.
As my personal treat, I went to my first pair acrobatic session, with an amazing rain accompanying me along the way, it was raining cats and dogs. I stepped out of my comfort zone with one of my biggest fear: standing on someone’s shoulder, it is still terrifying.

For motivating locals throughout their language learning process I started to visit English classes as a ‘lector’, and thanks to that I got to meet with my ageless friends, who later on took me to Valencia to experience it with their eyes, I loved it.

Wrestling weekends took me with their energy and awakened my entrepeneurship alongside with my dedication to healthy snacks, thus veggie shots and snow balls as my future sustainable catering company’s newborns came alive.
Wrestling trainings took my body and my mind as well beyond their comfort zone.

Never thought that living and cooperating with other volunteers will be one of my most challenging part of my staying. To let go things, to stand up for things and to know which action is necessary when. Deep self-development.
Key note: Communication is the key – no assumptions. We are purely so different and on the same time just the same. Stay kind.

My best friend’s surprise visit was the cherry on the top.