Prejudice collection, a campaign on immigration in Spain

Una campanya per a combatre el racisme i la xenofobia, desmuntant els prejudicis

A campaign to fight racism and xenophobia, by deconstructing prejudices
Some of the posters

This campaign is made by the cooperation group between various Valencian youth centers called Xarxa JOVES.NET. It intends to fight against racism and xenophobia through information on themes such as immigrations and refugees. One of its main objectives is to deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes on these populations.

Tote bags of the campaign

The whole campaign is written in Valencian and communicates both through digital and physical supports. For instance, signs have been put up in the different cities. Moreover, the campaign can be found on the following web page:

Sign in Quart de Poblet

On the site, there are small articles developing the ideas of the posters. There is also small dictionary explaining important notions of immigration and prejudice. Social aids, school, racial mixing, criminality, health system and work are only some of the subjects covered by this campaign. Besides, the website also explains the history and context of Spain regarding the subjects of violence, war …

Quantes persones refugiades hi ha al món? (…) És rellevant indicar que el 86% de les persones refugiades al món són acollides per països pobres i en desenvolupament. Només Alemanya, com a estat desenvolupat, es troba entre els deu primers països d’acolliment. 

How many refugees are there in the world? (…) It is relevant to note that 86% of the world’s refugees are hosted by poor and developing countries. Only Germany, as a developed state, is among the first host countries.

So, if you want to or have to deal with such subjects at work or in your daily life in Spain, I advise to use and share this resource!