Already a quarter of our time past

Since we wrote last time, a lot has changed and we have experienced a lot of new things.

Back in December we got to know Valencia at Christmas time: we strolled through the Christmas markets, looked for gifts for our loved ones back at home and went to a candlelight concert. 

Then I spent the holidays back home, first in Bulgaria and then in Berlin.

When we returned from our vacation in January, we were no longer just the two of us, but were now 4. At first we met Ilkcan and we became friends right away. We spent one night after another on the balcony and got to know each other really fast. We are so happy that we have Ilkcan and make memories together. And then Rebecca joined us and now our house is full.

Ilkcan, Camillo and I then explored some Spanish tradition and one weekend saw our very first bullfight on the streets of Silla and the following weekend we went to La Fira de Sant Sebastià, a big cultural event in the town of Silla. 

There were also exciting events in TOLA…for example, TOLA received a visit from an elementary school. Together with the usuarios, the students participated in different handicraft projects. 

In February, Camillo and I celebrated our anniversary and then we celebrated my birthday. Now we are both sick in bed and just waiting to be fit again very soon.