March – 5 months in

And again, another month is over. And unfortunately, so are Las Fallas. The most spectacular and beautiful time we have had here so far. 

But let’s start with the beginning of March…At the beginning we flew back to Berlin for a few days to be able to attend the birthday of my little sister, which I am very happy about. Back in Silla we had 30 degrees for the first time after the “winter” and we took the opportunity to go to the beach by bike. We also visited a small town, which is also called the small Venice. 

And then it was already time for the most important time of the year in Valencia, Las Fallas.

We spent the holidays with my mother and with a lot of celebrating. Since we also had time off from work, we could admire and experience Valencia as well as Silla with everything that belongs to it. During Las Fallas the city is full of life and joy. Everywhere are parades of Falleras and Falleros dressed in traditional clothes and musicians who accompany them. At every corner there is another party and another Falla to admire. 

There is not a quiet second. The city shakes with music, fireworks and bombs. Of course, we also visited the infamous Mascletá, but there was no getting through to the front, so we couldn’t see much. There are people everywhere, the trains and the streets are crowded, because everyone wants to participate in Las Fallas. 

Now we can also understand why the usuarios couldn’t wait for it to begin already in November when we arrived here. I am very happy that my mother was able to experience this with us. 

After the Fallas, the city became quieter again, but we didn’t really have time to recover from all the hustle and bustle, because we immediately got the next visit, two friends from Berlin. With them and our work colleagues we spent our Saturday in the sun on a concert directly at the port of Valencia. Because the weather is getting warmer and warmer here. So, we enjoyed the sun the next day also at the lake Albufera with İlkcan, Nanomi and our visit. The only bad thing about this weather is that we are facing more and more cockroaches in our apartment. Hopefully we will somehow get used to it until summer.