poliValensilla chapter 3

Women of March, marching women

My 3rd month happened to be focused on inspiring women along my path. Hereby I thank all of you for teaching me.

  • Freya and Cintia – a daughter &  a mother working together for more than a day in labour, making the way for the little one to arrive to this beautiful world naturally.
    Amazing cooperation, admirable persistence. Welcome Freya, enjoy your life.
  • Maxi – confronting me for telling what is hurting eventhough it might not be an easy chat, for the sake of a better relation.
    Bravery, honesty.
  • Melania – 9 years old from Columbia without her mom finding and building her new life here, in Silla. Pureness, openness, self-trust.
  • Miriam – embodying pureness, not bending, not blending in, staying herself even if she seems a bit like an outsider in the loud group of wrestlers and fans.
    Staying true to yourself, keeping your innen light.
  • All the people attending the international women’s day demonstration – to speak up, and raise awareness, and work for a bighter future with equity.
    Unity, proactivity.
  • Ellie – for fighting till her last breath with full power against someone who is theatening her life and not giving up but giving in everything to succeed.
    Stamina, perseverance.
  • Carolina – who knows how to enjoy life and does it with 100% of her time given.
    Seeking for joy and seeing the bright sight.
  • Andi – for starting over like a phoenix, leaving behind everything that does not nurture herself anymore, choosing everything for enriching her life in every aspects even if these changes hurt as hell.
    Bravery, authenticity.
  • Sylwia – for planning ahead, keeping on with the perspective that passion never should be taken out of the table.
    Proactivity, taking control over one’s life, balancing well work and leisure.
  • Marina – schoolgirl in Silla from Brazil, who loves dogs and has her dog back in Brazil, not here with herself.
    Strength, going forward to the bright future, not stucking in bittersweet rememberence.
  • Belén – with her attitude ready to learn, and willingness to let people see her progress and actuall level, and her crazyness in the best possible way – that I can connect so easily to.
    Eagerness and openness to learn, cheerfulness.

  • Helia – pharmacist from Portugal not leaving an NPC life but speaking from the bottom of her heart and believes aiming to help the ones in need eventhough it is against farmacy sales.
    Innervalue-guided, honest, simple, ready to share her knowledge.
  • Alessandra – strong Sicilian young lady being  emotionally attached to her roots, being explicit, not hiding anything, any emotion.
    Straightforward, raw, pure, original.
  • Mandi – from UK, being very successful at her business, being an awesome mom, helping children throughout her carrier, being 35 years in a marriage, being 35 years sad.
    Never too late to change.
  • Elena from Spain – her mindset of being free, independent, ready to speak up for her believes, our spontaneous singing activity on the busy streets of Lisbon, being independent in every possible way. Independent, wanderer.
  • Leo – in Manicómio, Lisbon, pureness, with a mission, with like-minded, strong peers, “it gives you purpose when you have responsibility”, aiming for accessible art.
    Inclusive, proactive, loving.
  • Cecilia – implementing her first Erasmus+ project with passion, compassion, precision, care, ready to learn about a new world.
    Humble, open, kind, passionate, following her mission on various paths.