Fourth Month In Spain

Hellooo. This month was amazing because I went to benicassim and alicante. I will start with the Benicassim. In there we had a arrival meeting. I met with a lot of people there. They were also doing volunteers but they are living different places. The hostel food was really bad. I was so hungry whole meeting. I think only good side it was so close the beach. Also the trainers were really amazing. I am not bored whole training. I really liked their teaching methods.

We went to Alicante with Maxi and Camillo. We found Bla Bla Car in the last day but I think worth it. I really liked the hotel. My room was for one person so I had to special room. The food was not bad when I compared with benicassim. We joined the youth exchange. Everyday I took pictures and videos. I collected them I did video for everyday. I really enjoyed. I improved myself when I was editing the video. I think they liked my videos. We went to beach, castle,jumping area. In the jumping area I was teaching how to kick and then my feet finger really hurt, I thought it’s broken. My lovely mentor carried me. Thank you again. When I came to hostel again I realized it’s really painful, I said to Enrique can we go to hospital. We went to hospital at night. We were so lucky it takes 30 minutes also my feet didn’t break. I learned alicante history. It was really good time because I liked my mission there. I hope so i can do it again 🙂