5 month in Spain

Hello. This month I went Italy Milan. I really didn’t like the Milan because every is store,everyone so rich so I didn’t feel like I was in the Europe. Also I stayed at the airport it was really bad experience

. After that I went to Turkey. I really missed my family and my friends. We are talking on the phone every day but it’s not like face to face.I did surprise because they didn’t know I would come to Izmir. They shocked, I will not forget their face. Also I didn’t know they loved me so much. The feeling was amazing because I saw them like 5 months later. I stayed 1 week. We played games,volleyball. We did mangal. My parents missed me so much. When I leaving they were about crying. I understood what they mean for me more. After the Türkiye I went to Paris to see my friend. When they pick me up from the airport they said we are going Amsterdam. Like midnight we were there. I really liked the Amsterdam. I think it was the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I can live there like Spain. We went to Belgium. I just saw like couple of hours so I can’t say I didn’t like. We went to Paris. Paris was I think it’s bad. How is it bad? I was expecting more. I really don’t know what I expected but I didn’t like it that much. I couldn’t feel I am in safe maybe because of this. Of course Eiffel Tower is good but just iron. But generally I liked the France because everywhere is so green. It’s natural. I liked the buildings. And I turned the Valencia. I really miss. It’s like my part. I am feeling like my second home. Maybe because of this it’s looking like Izmir.