May, The Antepenultimate

For my antepenultimate month, I decided to cross Spanish areas and cultures. I had the chance to visit two important Spanish cities. Firstly, Madrid, the capital … Which I kind of fell in love with. There are so many museums and parcs and although it’s a big city it doesn’t feel oppressive. On the contrary, the city is the perfect mix of busy, culture and calm for me.  I slept at the house of a French volunteer from my sending organization, who lives in the middle of nowhere between Madrid and Toledo. Toledo is very peaceful, and I really liked the confluence of diverse architectures, cultures and the nature (among others the river). There was a lot of tourists coming from Madrid for one day but you definitely can spend more time there.

Toledo, the medieval
Madrid: The Cathedral taken from the Royal Palace’s courtyard

I also visited Sevilla alone. I really liked the Palacio de las Dueñas, and the Cathedral. I would also advise the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, where you can learn alone about this Spanish tradition and its meaning in Sevilla. Though I still find the corridas de toros despicable, I finally understand its cultural heritage. Besides, I’ve never seen more churches in such a short span of time. Nonetheless, my favorite place was the Plaza de España. This is the most beautiful and impressive urban landscape I’ve seen in Spain until now. It represents all the Spanish provinces through a magnificent building.

Dinner at a local freiduria

The Joc Solidari, an event we had been planning since February took place on the 16th. Its goal is to share issues happening around the world, such as droughts, hunger, or floods, with the children of Quart de Poblet.

Installing the Joc Solidari

Finally, the month ended with the second visit of my boyfriend. We continued our visit of Valencia and discovered the Museum of Fine Arts. I would also recommend the burger house Goiko (sooo gooood and totally worth the price).

A nice painting made in 2023 and inspired by Sorolla

So, this month did not give me any time to breath, but I had the opportunity to visit and admire many monuments and landscapes.

Plaza de España de Sevilla