poliValensilla chapter 4

April started with my brother´s visit. Since he is a big fun of wrestling we went to Tyris to watch the Snowball 16, this was also the trial day of the “banana bites”, my next healthy catering idea, slight success. The upcoming day we watched a wrestling training with the extremely skilled, humble and fun Millie. During my brother´s visit we saw and enjoyed the Gulliver Park, some levitating Easter kites at the beach – that seemed like a frozen moment, we had our bike tour around Valencia, our Albufera evening /night walk – that took a loooong time, but was worth to do. We baked some traditional Hungarian sweet breads (kalács) with my brother and Enrique.

Visit in the City of Arts and Science with my brother

After my brother left I had the opportunity to join a youth exchange in Alicante that was organised between Finish and Spanish youngsters, it was very interesting to observe the similarities and the differences that these young people – form two totally different cultures – have. Eventhough my personal project is not about testing the Spanish health system, I gained some new experiences by having my backscan in Catarroja with a super kind medical lady. From Alicante we went straight to Agres to meet the volunteers and to have some fun evening and day together, and that was the moment when I fell in love with the village and the nature. So thanks to an unfortunate or in my case fortunate rapid leaving of the new volunteer from there – I could have the oppotunity to enjoy Agres for my upcoming weeks.

After persistent working on making the tandem lingüistic happen, Ilkcan and me could hold our 1st, 2nd sessions in Espai Jove Silla. The most challenging part of it was adjusting to the diverse knowledge and motivation level of the participants.

Happy Earth!

During the week of Earth day I used every opportunity that I had – English classes, tandem lingüistic, TPM meeting – to promote sustainable lifestyle choices and environment consciousness.
I spent Earth day´s weekend in Catania by the Etna, the home of pistachio, canolini, and the beloved aranchini. I had my transnational meeting experience with the partners from Youth in art project, and I planted some nispero seeds on the backyard of the hotel for celebrating our mother Earth.

(Part of the) Group picture of the TPM in Catania

Continuing my hospital adventures I had my throat check with camera, very unfortunetly through my nose, muy mal. Forthermore, Cristina – one of the English teacher of the adult education centre of Silla- and me started to plan the English geocatching & treasure hunting activity for her group as a semester closing activity. At the end of April I did my packing for moving to Agres, that brought some reevaluation and reflection time for me about what is important. In this month was the time for my first playstation experience too, and I have to admit, it was quite engaging and I don’t like to be eaten by a zombie, muy Mal brüüüh. Notes for the future: improving my time management could be a great learning outcome of my time here. At the last weekend of April I went near to Calles to the nature on a daytrip with Tyris people to experience the Spanish way of BBQ and got motivated to learn language in a full Spanish speaking community.

Superstrange aubergine with freshli harvested rosemary

One of the most motivating moment of the month was watching the Let’s grow movie, I highly recommend it.

Question of the month: Why am I here?