poliValensilla chapter 7

July started with a beautiful visit to Gestalgar in the summer heat with Carlos and Enrique, where I enjoyed the natural ‘piscina’s’ coolness with jumps and the excitement of wall climbing.

Safety first

The majority of my July’s duty was going to the summerschool in the mornings. There I was assisting the monitors, helping around kids and supporting the flow of the days. Sometimes I was reading children stories in Spanish and there was one time me telling a Hungarian children story in my A 1,5 Spanish. I learned more about the Spanish schooling system from teachers’ point of view from my coworkers experiences. In Quart we continued and finished the remaining Youth in Art local sessions, and now we have a group almost ready to go to Lisbon.
The first Snowball of July had it’s special twist with the appearance of pink Chester, which gave me a lot of excitement and stress too, and furthermore there was the trial of the beautiful fruit-shaslik with its slight success.

Crossbody of pink Chester(s)

On the other hand my main focus of the first half of July was organising my friend’s, Enrique’s birthday surprises. After various challenges through the process – on our special way – we succeeded, although this birthday had more surprises than earlier expected.

With the birthday boy

Lorena’s birthday was on the next day and eventhough I really wanted to put together the previous party, there, I had the relief of not being an organiser and just simply being present.

Volunteers and their mentor before the mid term evaluation

On the penultimate week, I had my Mid term evaluation in Ceulaj, near Malaga. The first challenge was the heat, we arrived to 44 °C to the south of Spain, which later on was not an issue due to the well air-conditioned rooms. It turned out that some social discomfort got me superstrongly during this training and it was not so easy to connect for me this time. I got some inspiration of other European opportunities and at the end connected with a few people. Travelling back to Valencia I had the chance to visit a lovely botanic garden, where I was amazed by the bonsai trees magnificent way of forming themself no matter their earlier difficulties.

Kintsugi of a bonsai – Imperfectly perfect

Arriving back to Silla I started the last week of the summerschool, I had some origami tutorings and I felt comfortable among my coworkers and kids. On our closing day I got a little heartwarming farewell present from my colleagues in the summerschool: a mug with my name correctly written on it. Magnificent.
Later on, we started with the facilitating team of Amics our preparation for the upcoming PBA in Piles, which got me excited and motivated. Furthermore I started to go to gym as well, which is a completly new experienve for me.

On the first sessions

On the last weekend of July there was the Snowball with the Catena pugna, which was a special experience and our last show that we watched together with Carolina. This week four of us went to her farewell caraoke, which was superfun having the whole bar for us, and on the other day, on her outdoor gathering nearby the city of art and science we had a spontaneous acrosession too, and were lucky to see some rats or mice having fun around the bushes as well.
At the end of July I had my first ever “me on my own” doctor visit, where I succeeded with the help of my little Spanish book.