poliValensilla chapter 8

August started with the Partnership Building Activity for organisations in Piles, where I was within the team responsible for planning and executing the program and activities. I enjoyed it and learned by the exerience how such event can be done. The closeness of the see was a blessing for morning walks and afternoon beachtimes. It was inspiring to meet such a different people and their stories – like Cristina, with her pharmacist background now owning a farm for educational reasons . Working with the team of Amics during the process felt like home – laughter and fluidity. After the PBA some of us went to Rafeta’s house to enjoy some pool time and there was a moment when Natalie´s answer for my question “how are you?” was purely honest and made me think also. She said: “I am fine, I am just bored, I am not used to do nothing.” Doing nothing makes me frustrated too and in my recent loose schedule it appears a lot. The challenge of these moment are not to fall into the trap of self-blame and find peace with resting or find courage to face boredom, to be open for its “gifts”, or find proactivity. I believe that can happen, partly that´s why I am here, so despite the discomfort, I am on my track.

By the Tower of Piles in 2019 & in 2023

Summerdays went quickly in nothingness and in the fight of surviving the heat. One of the nights there was the farewell of Leonard, Maxi and Camilo in the city centre and my flatmates left a few days later with an exciting door opening challange on their last night.

There was a jubilee snowball on the 13th of August for what I did my first gel nail polish. I enjoyed the process.

Our further task for August weeks was to give a big summer cleaning for the flat and tidy it up – the key words of these days were teamwork, delegating, sharing duties, respecting different working styles.

Meanwhile I started to orgnise Andi´s birthday surprise, where I focused on not overshooting with the tasks. Not again. It was ridiculously easy and beside ridiculously complicated to manage the poeple´s different understandings. I guess it is again communication, clear communication and how people can percieve messages differently.

Andi came to Valencia for her 30th birthday on the penultimate week of August. It was an experience to meet her world. We went to eat vegetarian paella, we had our beach time, almuerzo, bike time, City of arts and science, Altea´s white houses and shore with pebbles – notes: funny feeling for the feet, at one lake I got super angry and my B2 Spanish evoked from the depth, we ended up in an artificial-natural piscina with supercold water, we had our carpool caraoke – this time it was really CARaoke, we had deep talks and tears and laughters and a lot of nice food. She left and I don´t know when we will see each other again. It´s fine. A bit sad though.

Andi & me

On the upcomig weekend Amics had an attandence on a visibility event in Denia, I don´t see how could us-being-there have been more non-sense, but I loved the tiny house by the feet of the castle and the outdoor shower, and we used our time to work on the diet diversity game and visited a lovely cala in the morning.

By the cala with the guys

Arriving back to Valencia we went to Rafeta´s house to watch the All in wrestling event. It was nice for the gathering and an experince for the event itself.

On the last Wednesday of August Luca arrived with his pureness and naivity. It was refreshing.

The last day of August was the beginning of Alfafar festivies, where I got to meet with a bunch of new people, the baracon culture, the walking dead culture and my social anxiety.