7 month in Spain

Hello. I started the summer school. I was getting up at 8am. Why am I saying this because Valencia is so hot. I saw 42 degrees so you can imagine. When I was walking the school,I was melting. In the school every responsible people had a group. It was hard for me because I am not good at Spanish. They were playing games,going to pool and we are helping them. Actually I really like it because I thought it will be more hard for me. Just we couldn’t swim in the pool. It was so terrible because you were getting wet because of the weather and you don’t have the permission for swim . It was really hard to watch people when they were swimming . I made a lot of friends. When I was working they helped me so much.

We went to beach with Leo,Camillo and Maxi. They found a good beach and we went there. It was such a nice beach. It was kinda far from the train but it worth it. In this weather it’s really hard to walk outside. Especially at the night. Impossible to sleep

I went to mid term meeting. I love it. I made a lot of friends. The food,room,volunteers,trainers were amazing. They had pool so you can enjoy after the lunch. When I was coming back I always thought it needs to be more days. I felt refreshed.