poliValensilla chapter 9

As Alfafar festivity continued in the beginning of September I got into the flow of the barracon’s life with its challanges and fun moments like the fire show on the street and our board game moments.


Before the festivity’s wrestling match one wrestler asked me for a braid and I was super motivated and happy for it.

The final outlook after 2 hours of braiding

This time was also Luca’s first weeks in Spain and I enjoyed our long walk by the Albufera with having a long and deep converstion about ourselves and life. Another day we were working together on video editing for TBG project with harmonised teamwork and succesfull outcomes.

On Project Godella with the volunteers

One of these days I had the opportunity to watch the Barbie movie which was super inpiring to see. It drove my attention to the power of my fears – regarding myself and the world – over me, and  strentgened my motivation to get controll over them.

I contributed by working on the discriptions of the boardgames for TBG project, where I rediscovered my interests in games.

homecoming surprise for everyone, team Amics

For the last week my very good friend Sylwi – who I know from 12 years ago from my Erasmus exchange semester – arrived to spend time with me too. We went out for dancing, – I discovered blues and rediscovered my passion for dance. On one day we went for a buñuelos workshop in Sollana, where we observed “the” way of doing them, and with a bit of persistance we also could try to form some – interesting skill. With my also-super-crazy-in-a-good-way friend on my side I made something that I always wanted to try for a long time- to sing on the streets as a street artist.


For the first time in my life I tried riding a tandem bike. We went to Albufera – from the see side and sprinted back, having deep talks and sharing our vulnerability meanwhile, learning to give the controll and trust to the front driver, strong emotional experience.

Our duo

The last part of September went by the struggle and overcoming the difficulties of the preparation for my mom’s visit. At the end it was successful, I felt super grateful.