First (almost) two months

I have been here for now almost 2 months. I didnt start with the volunteer work right away, so I had a lot of free time in the beginning. Here I explored the center of Valencia. I for example went in the cathedral of Valencia, the museo de bellas artes and ciudada of artes y ciencas. I also spent alot of my free time on the beach, enjoying the warm water of the baltic sea.
After a while I visited my grandparents in Madrid for a few days. I took the Ave train, from where you could see the beautiful nature.

In the beginning of my stay I also went to a alot of erasmus activities such as language exchange, beerpong tournament, salsa and beach volley. I feel like this was a good way to get to know other people and make friends.

I have been working at the youth center for a little bit now. And one thing I learned is, if you think you understand spanish well, try to be in a room with youngsters (15 year olds). Not only do they speak extremely fast and unclear, but they also have slang-word to everything. I am starting to catch on but because I need to concentrate alot to understand everything, I sometimes cant participate as much in the conversation as I would like to. Hopefully this will get better over time:)

Last week I went to the arrival training in a city close to Alicante. Here I met a lot of new people who are also volunteers. It was also nice to speak to people who are more or less in the same situation.

(I dont know how to put in pictures, but I will figure it out for the next time:))