poliValensilla chapter 11

I spent my 1st of November with  Gemma, Alex, Rafeta and Enrique preparing our Halloween lunch with lentil wraps, Halloween pizza and our unique ingredients-swapped poppy seed cake, discovering that my automatic cooking skills are something to be grateful for and appreciated by me. Furthermore a mistake compared to the flow of the original plan can lead to surprisingly nice results. The next morning was full of fortunate happenings. 

1st of November in our flat

The 5th was the starting day of the TPM trip arriving firstly to Amsterdam with its unique offers for bikes, food with Jesus and a liberating museum. Biking made me realize that you can not know what the other feels until you sit in their seat for a while. Our TBG TPM took place in Utrecht, it was nice to see these people who I met on my first days in Spain. I had an interesting crying experience too. I enjoyed the lovely Holland city views full of labyrinths. 

In Utrecht with the TBG team

The next station was Hungary and more specifically a couple of days with my family and to have time to meet in person, it REALLY does make a difference, even though online working with Mariann has been quite smooth and successful. 

Bracelet workshop in Szeged

I recharged myself with some quality family time: during creating bracelets, spa evening, puzzling with my mom, enjoying the tastes of my home. 


The second TMP was in Osijek for the Youth in Art project with its specific circumstances leaving the lesson on how communication matters. One of the most memorable moments was the screamingly good cookies. After Croatia we drove back to Hungary on a beautiful sunny morning and I had some time to meet loved ones shortly. I spent one day with my sister-in-law, my niece and my brother in Érd. Meeting my family, spending time in Hungary was heartwarming and simultaneously emotionally challenging too. The TPM tour finished with arriving in Alicante and later on to Valencia. 

Youth in Art team in Osijek

During the next cooking workshop in Espai Jove we made some variations of different egg dishes.  After a long time of not seeing, I could meet again with the second English group, and feel their warm and cheerful welcome. 

Next week there was a unique set up  with a double training in Alicante, where I could hold the 1st gender diversity workshop with the super diverse group of the training participants, leaving me with various emotions/experiences: memorable, shocking, upsetting, helpless, motivated.

Gender workshop in Alicante

On the 25th of November  we went to a demonstration for the elimination of violence against women in Alicante and witnessed the shocking reality of domestic violence. 

Demonstration with the names of domestic violence victims

One day I took a train to Cullera. I found the city pretty crowded, and I really missed nature on the streets. I walked uphill to the peak of the mountain to find a quite nice view. 

On the last weekend I went to see the Casa Vicent’s beauty, Gaudi’s first masterpeace and noticed the striking inequality among the society. 

In the towel

During the Japan weekend in Valencia it was refreshing to meet the humbleness of Miriam, and the caring and improvising skills of the Tyris team. 

This month’s yoga learning is – “don’t stress/stretch myself too much”. 

I received my first chayotes from the loving neighbors, Teo and his wife. 

During the blind dinner experience l realized how much my perception is based on the visual stimulus, I could hardly figure out food only based upon taste, insane. 

The 2nd gender diversity workshop took place in Quart Jove with the volunteers, giving space for a lot of discussion in a much more supportive atmosphere than in the previous group.

2nd gender workshop, in Quart Jove