poliValensilla chapter 12 y un pico

12 stars

On the first week I went with a group of youngsters from Agres to Brussels through Paris on an adventurous bus trip. I saw a lot of inspiring things, how the intitutes od the European Union work and made me feel more European, we visited the Atomium, the Minieurope, the Parlamentarium, and other institutes as well. I was super happy that meanwhile I could visit Sylwi and Tomas at their new appartment/home.

Polak, Węgier…

After the second gender workshop the volunteers and I felt also very motivated a nd inspired to have an extra , 3rd gender workshop, which at the end took place at our living room with the forum teather activity that Natia and me designed in Latvia.

3rd workshop

These days I had my first coordiation meeting with Ieva and Antonio regarding the gender booklet, so the frames started to get more clear.

On a ESC visibility event in Llíria, I had my first public speach in Spanish, which was double challenging and I am so grateful for the trust and support through the process.

The dough

I decided to stay and see Spanish Christmas traditionals led me to have my own Christmas preparation: bejgli and gingerbread dough, with my pace with allowing myself to fully be present and not rush, let go overshootings.

Chirtmas lunch in Silla

On the 24th Luca, Chary, Enrique and me prepared sandwiches and gingerbread cookies for people living on the streets and brought the food for them. It was a transformative change in the point of view, searching for the invisibles among the shiny decorations.

I was lucky to be invited to the Christmas eve dinner and lunch of Enrique`s family, to be part of their celebration, to experience Christmas from another point of view.

On the 26th the secret ´C´ team gathered together to surprise our coordinator on his birthday with his favorite almuerzo, some touching messages from around the world, playing board game, and eating (pan)cakes. It was fun.

On the last week of December I had a guest whom I spend with the 1st timer`s welcome pack: visiting Turia, having almuerzo, browsing on the market, biking to the Albufera, wathing a movie in the hemispheric, enjoying beach walks and talks, oceanografic visit, walking to (the other side of the ) Albufera.

The Spanish New Year Eve was spent with uvas, a specific mac and cheese and playing board games in a small group.

On the 1st of January after the lunch and puzzling, I walked with Enrique to Valencia, it was refreshing. Ilkcan had his second birthday on the 2nd of January, which was super fun and he left on the 5th 🙁 .

On the 5th I saw the Cavalgata, and on the 6th of January I was invited to Vivi and Salva for their family reyes lunch with the vegetarian paella – heartwaring gesture.

On the 7th we had our Christmas volunteer lunch in Valencia and it finished with me enjoying skating on a ring on the Plaza de Ajuntamiento. The next day Burcu arrived.

On the English class in CFPA an Australian English teacher gave a presentation about their life in Australia, it was fascinating.

My very last days as an ESC volunteer was spent with preparation for the gender training in Alicante.

On my last volunteer Wednesday I had my successful NIE adventure – so I am staying for awhile in Spain.

Too be continued…