5: January – Far From Home

During the festivity of Christmas and Easter and during five weeks in the summer Casal Jove organize activities everyday for the young people that are not going to school. This meant for me staying in Sagunto for Christmas. We were helping in the morning the monitores in doing the activities with the kids, and in the evening we were animating the Espai, playing with the adolescents. Those two weeks were my favorite weeks since the start of the project. Even if I was really tired, staying in contact with young people for so long reminded me of my Scout experience in Italy.
During Christmas I went to Silla for spending the day with the other volunteers and the Amics staff. During the night of the 24 we went to Valencia distributing food to homeless people. It was surprising how many of theme we found and how we finished all the food in a couple of minutes; we understood how normally we don’t realize how many homeless people there are because we don’t pay attention. The following day we had an international dinner all together. It was a little bit sad not being home for holidays, but I think I had the possibility to make an unique experience.