Working at Casal Jove

In February, my fourth month here begins, months in which I have learned a lot and also worked hard to learn as much as possible from others and to tackle this huge event organized by the Casale: the manga festival. They were intense weeks full of research to find activities suitable for the event and the various ages it was aimed at. Once again, my main activity was organizing cooking workshops as well as organizing others or helping colleagues. The pre-festival was organized at the second headquarters of the Casale in Sagunto, while the actual festival was in Puerto de Sagunto. To combine indulgence and Japanese cuisine, I decided to have the children make dorayaki, while for the older ones, in addition to dorayaki, also corn dogs. They were very intense and endless days. There were rivers of people, and our work not only involved organizing activities in the classrooms but also helping people, collaborators, or stands, and in the end also arranging and reorganizing everything for the following day. The beautiful thing about this job is that everyone has their importance and function. We all gave our best, and every time the most beautiful and satisfying moment is when at the end of the event we all sit together, look at each other, and realize that what we organized was amazing.