“Oh, It’s been two full months or oh It’s just been two months” You decide…

Hello again,

It has been 2 full months since I’ve been here. The flow of time is so relative for me; sometimes I feel, “Oh, it’s been 2 full months, and I haven’t done anything,” and sometimes “it’s been just 2 months, and I have more than enough time.” I’m not sure if everyone is going through the same, but I am having this discussion with myself all the time.

Anyways, as an AMICS volunteer, day by day I am getting used to my work. This month, I had an opportunity to work on project applications together with the team. Even though it was stressful times because of the deadlines, I am happy to contribute to the ideas to make it happen. Also, we plan for future events that is planned, other contributions that I can do following months for my volunteering, which makes me more motivated.

On the other hand, this month has been full of last-minute trips and gatherings with my friends from previous projects that I have met or from the airport. Since I consider myself a bit introverted at the beginning, and it is not easy for me to make friends this quickly. However, with these nice people, it was really joyful and good for me. Thank you all.

Even though we are in Spain, here also there is winter which is cloudy, windy, and grey days. Please don’t get me wrong, it is just a few days of the week, but having those days time to time can be challenging aswell. But spring is coming very, very soon, also Fallas is coming which everybody who I met from here has a different memory with it. I am excited for the upcoming days and the things that are waiting for me.

See you next months!