VET group from Croatia

So we had a group of Social Economy students staying in Spain one and half a week. It was a really exhausting week but also super fun!

We stayed first week in Alicante and then we travelled to Muro, to see a bit of the rural area.

First day was bit of chaotic. At first we were going to the Airport, but it was a challenge because for some reason the buses where agaist us, and two of the buses that we waited didn’t arrive at all 😀 so we were almost late. Anyways we made it just in time. Then we took taxis to the hostel, and one of the taxis took the payment twice and one of the participants had to pay it. But luckily we managed the situation well.

During our days in Alicante we had a lot of visits.

We met with the youth council, and he told a little bit of what he does.

We where visiting secondhand project, and we had a change to see what is the process before the clothes find their way in the secondhand shops. It was really intresting. We actually stopped in one of the projects secondhand shops. I found one pair of pretty pants, but i didn’t buy them at the first time. Later I went back for the pants, but they weren’t there anymore and im still super sad that i didnt get them.

Then we had visit at Diversitat, which is a organisation that fights for the equal rights for gender and sexual minorities. For me it was personally really nice experience, and i was super happy to hear that the situation is good in Spain. I was suprised and shocked to see that the group wasn’t intrested at all and they were really rude.

During our days in Alicante was also 8th of March, International Women’s Day. So we went to see the demonstration. It was super intresting, because it was so different from what Women’s Day is in Finland. I really liked it and i think it was one of my favorite days during my stay here.

In Muro we had couple visit as well, and we talked little bit about Amics and Erasmus +

One day we walked to a small town Turballos, and heard about this project about bicycles and recycling.