Expect the unexpected!

ACTION I, New year, new me.

What a year! 2020 isn’t even halfway done and it surprises me every single day. It began really smooth, with a big decision of mine to spend six months at Valencia, Spain. I was more than ready to gain a new life experience and see what I can do as a volunteer.

ACTION II, A brand new life on the corner.

Even before I reach Spain coronavirus was a thing, but it wasn’t enough to stop me from doing my way.
During the first days I have had met a lot of people already, other volunteers and people who were working at the centers I used to participate. Every single thing seemed exciting and it was only the beginning! My favorite part was the youth center I was visiting some afternoons. People there were so kind and willing to explain, kids are were a sweet surprise themselves and the activities interesting. Everything felt so right.
Although, some things were a bit unclear about our schedule, there was goodwill to discuss and resolve it.
Only one week had passed, but I was totally sure that I would not regret any of my time at Spain.

ACTION III, A pandemic happens.

This part is globally known. Coronavirus is actually a thing now (and a serious one) and we should -if not must- stay at home. Everything gets canceled, postponed or closed. All of my work is in my laptop and I meet with people only behind a screen. Besides that, Fallas got canceled and I am very concerned that my favorite event, Tomatina, will get canceled as well. Nothing is the same and it will take a long time for our lives to be normal again.

ACTION IV, It ain’t that bad…

Yet, things aren’t completely bad and this experience might be unique as well. I spend a lot of time home and I learn how to manage my time in there which is pretty difficult. When you get so much “free” time out of the blue is really easy to get it wasted.
Now, there are so many opportunities to think, to organise, to improve and it’s up to us. This situation might be here to teach some self-dicipline, responsibility and the importance of solidarity.
Also, I got the chance to do some simple things I rarely do as an adult with a hectic life pace. I finally read a book, tried new recipes and finished a big puzzle. Oh, and planet breaths!

Disaster comes only if you bring it!