Volunteering – December

Decemeber was colored with upcoming holidays! The atmosphere was relaxed and in awaiting of celebrating with the closed ones or im my case, near ones.

Or at least this is what I wanted. I was excited about having more holidays than in my country but at the end i spent the days finishing the project I had from before.

Regardless of this, the end of the month was very much festive. For the christmas holidays I traveled home but came back to celebrate the New year. After considering with the flatmates where we should be, we decided to stay at home, since there’s no trains from Valencia back to Silla after 22.40h and we would need to stay outside till the morning. We cooked our traditional meals, drank, ate, danced and played games and at the end it was the best option we have chosen!

The work in the center still felt a little bit overwhelming since my level of spanish is not-that-good. To express myself how I want to is very important to me, so not fully (or at all) understanding the useres and coworkers was frustrating to me since communication is an important part of connecting to someone.

I started to notice different approaches the workers had and so a distinction between older and younger workers. To be in a presence with each and every one of them helped me learn different technica that they were using and adding them to my own approach.