Volunteering – January

The month of January started aswell in a festive mode. We celebrated flatmates birthday and prepared him various fun games he needed to participate in. It was also an emptional moment since he was leaving few days later since his volunteering ended this month.

The volunteering started to get more relaxing and comfortable since I started to understand the language more and more. The spanish course that I was taking gave me the structure but being surrounded by people who speak the language enriched me with the vocabulary. Being surrounded by the language gave me the opportunity to understand better which phrases are used in certain context. I learnt that knowing a language from the course is much different than having a friendly conversation with someone and I think there’s no better way to learn the language than to be surrounded by it.

I started to meet new prople through dating app and soon realized that barely anyone speaks English. Once again this gave me the opportunity to practice writing in spanish aswell the motivation to further learn it and speak it. With some people I practices mixing spanish and english since they also wanted to learn english. It was a bit weird and awkward at the beginning but, especially when you’re trying to get to know someone and express yourself but this made it that much more intresting and funny!

The translater became my best friend simce I always have it open and I figured out it takes a lot of creativity when you’re trying to express something and you don’t have the vocabulary for that yet. It made me think of diffwrent varieties of how I can express something. It happened the same with trying to explain english words that a person did not understand.