Las Fallas de Valencia

March was a month full of emotions, I finally experienced the most awaited event in Valencia, namely Las Fallas. Three weeks with fireworks and firecrackers at all hours, many events, music, colours, diversity, mix of ancient and modern, visits to museums and new encounters. Experiencing this event is something that cannot be understood without having experienced it.
The only problem was that very often I had to watch many things through other people’s cell phones, because so many people with their arms raised and cell phones in their hands blocked my view, more interested in making a video of the experience than in living it. This mass phenomenon, of enormous complexity, is very worrying for me. It almost seems that the image of the world is becoming more important than the real world. In fact, Las Fallas is an event whose main element is fire, that is, a substance that is between the material and the immaterial and which has always fascinated and frightened humans since the dawn of time. One thing that is certain, however, is that fire is real, because it burns. In the last 5 days of Las Fallas Valencia and many neighboring towns are filled with giant sculptures which are then burned on the last night. So what provided work to thousands of people for the entire year is exposed for 5 days and then destroyed. It is not accumulated to generate money, but wasted. It therefore seems to me the opposite of those who make videos to try to capture reality, burning also means knowing how to let go, knowing how to lose something. I thank Amics, who is giving me the opportunity to live this experience.