7: March – Moving to Spain

I came to Spain knowing that I had to search for a job after the end of the project and that i needed to decide what I had to do with my life. Luckily just after the first month I understood that I wanted to remain in Spain working as a professional educator (monitor in spanish), so i decided to organize my project since the beginning to try to reach that goal. After several months I can say I am really glad that I started doing that at the begenning. Spanish burocracy is really slow and I needed several month just to start. The first document I had to look for was the N.I.E, the personal document for strangers. Not having this document make you impossible doing anything, like renting an apartment or having a job, even if you are citizen of a EU country. Unfortunately I had to wait five month to get an appointment (it was actually impossible to obtain an appointment not just in Sagunto, but in the whole Comunidad Valenciana). When I got that document at the end of January, I finally had the possibility to move on with my plan. My main goal was to obtain the habilitation for working as a monitor. The first curso de monitor I joined didn’t star (and I actually never got my money back) and there were not others in the Valencian region. At the end, I found one in Leon, in the north of Spain, and I went to a camp for making my theorical part. I also discovered that my degree was not recognized in Spain, and I had to start a long and very expansive process to make it recognized.