Let’s begin

Hello 🙂 I’m Giada, I’m italian and I’ve decided to spend one year volunteering in Spain, in a city close to Valencia, I’m here with Andrea, and since she already talked about ours activities –> go and read her post if you haven’t done yet..https://mystory.amics.eu/archivos/183

I’m gonna write my impression about Spain, here is very similiar to the south of Italy (environment, people).
You wiil find very frindly people, they will immediately treat you like you’re part of the family, or a close friend, and it’s something, if you like me have never been alone for more than a month, very beatiful, heartwarming and reassuring, it helps a lot, I can easily say that the best part about this country for me are the people.

Talking about the city, you will encounter lot of orange trees on the road, (don’t touch them you can get a fine, plus you can’t even eat them).. a warm weather, car that will stop at every pedestrian crossing (I was shocked, it rarely happens to me at home), the beach, which you can easily find with few stops of metro, and if you like meat the original paella! If you are vegetarian lots of restaurants only for you!
And talking about food if you search well you can also encounter shops that most likely sell products from your country! Could be silly reading this now but after you are here for some months you will be happy to find a taste from your home country :).