8: April – Curso de Monitor

In March I did my curso de monitor. I attended online classes in the first two weeks, and then I went to Leon to participate in the camp.I was a little bit scared about the language at the beginning, because I was the only one not speaking Spanish as a native, but I never had problems during the camp.The people were really nice, and they hosted the last night even if they met me a couple of days before. I really had fun during these days. We were having theoretical parts in the morning and we were playing games in the evening. In the night, one group of participants had to organize a game, and after the professors were evaluating it. The last day we went on an excursion in the mountain the whole day, and we made orientation activities. I was really sad when I had to come back home, but I was also really happy because that was the confirmation that i was going to remain in Spain at the end.