A month for settling and understanding the differences

This month, I had an opportunity to dive deep into team dynamics and participate in various team-building activities with my team. This experience helped me understand not only the hands-on aspects but also the significance of the support team working in the background and the balance between the two. 

Together with the team, I had the chance to understand how team dynamics and some team-building activities work. This experience made me understand better not just hands-on experience but also the importance of the team in the background who is working and the balance in between. Comparing the work dynamics between my past experiences and here was an interesting experience for me.

Right after that, I had the chance to assist the team in hosting a group from Finland. We visited different youth centers around Valencia and compared the practices here with those in Finland. I found this very interesting because I got to see and hear about the cultural and geographical differences and how they affect youth work.

On the other hand, this month, I have started to feel the real local vibe here. Having my daily routines, spending more time with my friends, and participating in local activities has made a difference. Also, I made significant progress with my TIE card, which might have contributed to my feeling of belonging here, haha.

Looking back on this month, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of team dynamics and cultural exchange even more. These experiences have broadened my perspective and helped me feel more connected to my new surroundings. As I continue to settle in, I’m excited for more chances to learn, grow, and make a positive impact with my team and in the local community.