A special Middle Training in Mollina

This month a lot of things happened! But without doubt it was a great month especially for the five days that I spent in a little town near Malaga called Mollina for the Middle Term Training Course. I went without a lot of expectations and to my surprise I met, I spoke, I danced, I sang, I lived and I did a lot of other things with more or less 80 people from all of europe! For five days I literally swam in a sea of English, Spanish and Italian creating a lot of new connections. Is the first time for me that I try to write an article here without using google translate! Or just using it a little 🙂 For these there will be a lot of mistakes!
During these five days I didn’t sleep or I just slept a maximum of 3 or 4 hours at night, but I never felt sleepy because all of these people turned on a fire of energy inside me. Just a few times I touched this intensity for more than one day! This demonstrates that what makes a person alive is not just something biological, like food and water, but is only the desire that can wake us up from our sleepiness.
As psychoanalysis says a life is alive just if it is immersed in an erotic, just if the bodies touch each other, if the voices intertwine with each other, if just if different desires they get tangled up with each other. In our time apparently full of freedom but in witch a lot of people just passed their time alone with his/her phone dreaming a different life, or in a time in which a lot of people are afraid of the possible dangerous that a foreigner can provoke and for these they decide to isolotaes ourself, this five day demonstrates that create new connections with a lot of foreigners is the unique way to start to understand that the real foreigner are us for ourself. The voice that we use to speak isn’t our because it speak alone, the thoughts that we have aren’t our because them think alone, would be extremely stupid think that we can control our thoughts, them do what them want to do, the body that we think is our isn’t our because it wants what it wants regardless of us. Try to control this uncontrollable life that passes through us all the days generate symptoms, the solution ins’t try to control this caos, but let it live through us. Meet something different, go out of our bubble is the unique way to start to know how much we are different from what we just stupidly believe to be. A different connection with the outside means a different connection with the inside. Only this kind of experinces can starting to show us that what we want is primarily foreign to ourself. Leaving the world we know thanks to new encounters means starting to frequent that senseless area where no one understands anything. Thanks European Solidarity Corps for connecting these lives that will be the future of tomorrow’s world.