Birthday during Fallas

My experience here on Erasmus and with this project keeps getting better, with more activities, collaboration, and enthusiasm. And in March, it was time for celebrations, not only for my birthday but also for the Valencian folklore festival. Not only the city of Valencia, but also Sagunto and other towns transform during this period, filled with an atmosphere of festivity, passion, and traditions with events lasting two weeks.What impressed me the most was hearing about the Mascletá, its sounds, and the saying “more than seeing it, you have to feel it.” And it’s true; you feel all these fireworks deep in your heart. These vibrations hit you inside and make you feel part of that magical moment.Even at work, March was a special month, full of activities dedicated to this festival. At the community center, we did craft workshops creating our own falla and had meetings with fallero artists who shared their stories and secrets. And on the very day of Las Fallas, I celebrated my birthday. This year has been full of changes and emotions, and this period has surprised me with the beauty of the culture and traditions here, making my birthday even more special.