End of Winter Activities

It feels like I’ve been here for a short time, yet seven months have already passed. A bit of melancholy is setting in due to the end of the project, and along with it, the end of the winter activities organized by Casale. May is the final month, when the activities of the groups, courses, and programming come to an end. We have organized trips, excursions, and final parties. My project will continue with the summer programming, but knowing I won’t see the children for a while, after becoming so attached, has a strange effect. That’s why we made the last day of activities special. During the cooking course, I organized pizza making with a grand final snack, games, and dances. For the final party organized by Casale, there were games, shows, and moments of sharing with the parents.I think one is never prepared for the end of something they have enjoyed, but the summer programming and many other activities to organize and carry out with other children await me, and who knows, maybe even with some familiar faces.