9: May – A life full of events

Once every month Casal Jove organizes a big event. Every event has different activities for the different ages of the participants, and everything is themed around the theme of the month. During the event, the participants of the activities of Casal Jove comes with their families. The first one was Hallowen. We organized handcraft activities for the kids, and the adolescents organized a tunnel of terror. In november there was the Unicef marathon. We talked in the previous weeks about the children’s rights with the kids, and one Sunday we organized the marathon. In December, we made the Christmas party. This event was just for the participants of the activities. We watched the Christmas videos that the kids prepared in the weeks before, and we ate all together. In January we organized the event of the coming of the Three Kings. It was a very big event that involved the whole city. The kings came in a parade and started to throw candies at the participants. In February we made the Mangetsu, that was actually my favorite events. A lot of cosplayers came to Casal Jove, where there were different stands selling mangas and gadgets. It was also organized a Dungeon and Dragons session, and a lot of other activities. I also came to the schools dressed like Super Mario to promote it. In March there was Fallas, that is a big celebration done in the Comunidad Valenciana. In Casal Jove we organized a small falla done by the kids. In April there was a commemoration for the closure of the factory of Sagunto. It was another big event done in the streets, and they invited a famous Spanish group to play. In may there was closure event, that was the last session of all the groups of Casal Jove. I had the possibility to say goodbye to all the people I met in the groups. At the end I was quite sad, but the summer school was getting closed and a new adventure was about to begin.