Ongoing war in Gaza

My mind in may was very much occupied with the ongoing genocide happening in Gaza which made me aware of more wars going on in other countries. It is so strange that the war is already going for so long while responsible organizations are doing so little. It made me think about how come we can find money to fund wars and sell weapons but when it comes to solving issues such as famine or homlessness, the governments and organizations can’t gather it?

Being in a war is already harsh as it is, how is it for elderly people, children or people with disabilities? What is a mental state of a person who is in a constant threat of losing their life and famine? How come we were taught about the Second World War in schools in order to never repeat it again and yet this does not match the reality?

In Valencia there was a protest against genocide which I attended and it was so refreshing to see so many different people showing up and showing that they care. I believe in young people and its obvious that majority of people care and want to live in a better world. The question is why are governments not representing what people are fighting for?