Mid-term training in Mollina

The month of June I will always remember because of how intense the mid-term training was. I was excited to meet so many volunteers but I didn’t excpected for it to turn out to be as intense as it was. The stories volunteers shared and the safe and intimate space the coordinators created opend me more than a year of therapy.

I will never underestimate the power of story sharing or the understanding that only the people who work wise are in the same situation as you. It was so inspiring listening and participating in our group that it on the last day it brought me up to tears – and I never cry in public.

Since my volunteering experience is past the middle point, I am slowly thinking about what’s next. I know I can’t go home because I changed too much and the information that we recieved made me much calmer for the future.

There is so many opportunities in the world. I learnt how important it is to share yourself and speak about your whishes, because that’s the only way to connect with like minded people, get the information that you need and create something beautiful.