Zeynep from Turkey


Where the sun constantly  shines and  palm trees in the shadow of a volunteer story. İ am here during pandemıc J

The best part of volunteering is to collect good friendships and memories. İ wanted to expirience the culture, history life and language with different people.  Although we are currently a pandemıc we are continuing well we continue our actıvıtes. All volunteer come together every day online.  İ think meeting people in real life more enjoy  but existing conditions prevent it J

Sometimes we go exploring around.  We have a change to learn about each other disfferent cultures. And this is beautiful  experience for all of us. In this way we saw that we were like and different. We learn somethıng new from us everyday.

I am also a student. My school switched to online education due to the pandemic. I wanted to make the best of this situation. I came to spain with the project I have in mind for a long time.  other volunteers also have different stories, from now on we will be in each other’s stories.  Really the whole crew is great J  We get together every day and we feel like a family already.

I’m in the 1st month of my project right now as I write this blog. I have had very good experiences so far. our project goes online, we do various activities every day. Our friends from different countries also participate in our activities. In this way, we get to know different cultures and we live. For example, this year i celebrate easter fort he first time. different and fun for me. If ı need to talk about Silla. cute settlement. People are also friendly so I didn’t have any difficulties. Spain, the country I care and love, did not surprise me.

I’m here because I wanted to try how I can broaden my horizons. we continue to have unforgettable memories here. we touch people’s lives. I think it’s an experience everyone should have. lastly I want to say don’t be afraid to take risks. follow your dreams.

¡Hasta luego!