Erin from United Kingdom

A fresh start is never easy, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It was the desire to let go of the impacts COVID-19 had on my career path, having graduated last summer, that led me to this decision.

After travelling Spain for a few months and staying in hostels and meeting people from different walks of life, I decided I wanted a volunteering job where I could be part of something valuable. I thought volunteering would teach me more about the world, myself and the important connectionswe have. When searching the internet, I found European Solidarity Corps. A project in Sagunto, a place near Valencia stood out to me. Contributing my ideas and exploring my creative mind was something I was interested in, and this project sounded perfect. I applied and heard back almost right away!

Writing this, I am 10 weeks into my time here, and my arrival seems like a lifetime ago. When I arrived in my night bus from Malaga, a 10-hour journey, I was afraid but curious to experience what was to come.

Two weeks after my arrival, my flatmate and co-worker arrived with a huge smile and I knew it would all be okay! It’s safe to say it’s been an interesting, strange and exciting experience so far. Every day is a new adventure at my project here in Sagunto and it certainly keeps me on my toes. I am working at a youth centre with a variety of young people, most of whom are very open-minded, creative and inspiring.

Adapting to a new culture has definitely been difficult, aswell as learning a new language. I have taught some dance classes to the little children, who are very adorable, participated in discussions about societal issues with the teenagers, and much much more…

Aside from work, I have been enjoying the beach of Sagunto,and exploring Valencia, the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen!