I am officially a 5-year-old again!!

Not only do I return home most days covered in paint and clay from our summer school activities, I am also remembering what it was like to be such a kid, and the things I loved and enjoyed as a child. I always expressed myself through dance and art and to be able to share moments of creativity with these children has been SUCH a beautiful experience!!

This month we have had summer school and it has been such a turning point to be able to have a proper structure to our days and lead our own classes. Moni (my co-worker and bestie), and I are both people who have ideas and like to feel like we can really contribute these to our work, and this is fulfilling for us.

Last month I had the opportunity to teach dance classes twice a week to children between the ages 6-12. As a dancer this was something I was passionate about. It was definitely a challenge at first, especially regarding the language, but I adjusted and found ways around the parts where I struggled. It was a joy to see the focus and interest of some of the kids!!

Our social life this past couple of months has VASTLY improved, and we are truly settling in and feeling at home here which is an amazing feeling. It’s normal to feel lonely in a ‘foreign’ country when family and friends are so far away, but opening the mind to new possibilities and new people is the key. If I can move to a place alone and find so many wonderful people who have impacted me deeply, I am never really alone!! 🙂