I don’t want to listen to songs any longer I want to sing

June is one of my favorite months, especially the 13th. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me I’d be 23 in Spain. With my buddies, we had a fantastic birthday celebration. For me, it was unique. Every year, I continue to discover new things. In each new age, I continue to discover new things. Living in this my new age will provide me with priceless experiences. Living this new age here will give me invaluable experiences.

Actually, acclimating to here was not difficult for me. We can attribute this to the welcoming nature of the Spaniards. It doesn’t imply that I was always happy. Inside, we all live in a different universe. Different goals, routes, and lives are pursued by everyone of us. However, we can occasionally come to an agreement on a single topic. That is when you must take pleasure in it. And I believe that winning people is the most essential thing since everything comes and goes. There are only memories left, and I want to be properly remembered in those recollections.

We celebrated his birthday at Alex at the end of the month. He is still with us while I write this article, but by the time it is published, he will most likely have gone to his homeland. When I consider the day I shall return, I also become emotional.

Summer is here and I hope it will be a pleasant one for us. By the way for the first time, I feel the heat of Spain, and it’s quite awful. Siesta was created for situations like this, and it works rather nicely. Despite the extreme heat, I love this country. When I have free time, I attempt to explore the area surrounding here. My favorite pastime is getting lost in Valencia’s historical streets. There are so many museums and exhibitions in this city, where history and art are intertwined, you learn a new side of it every day. There’s always something new to find; there’s no end to it.