Back to life, back to reality – Moni

Since I finished university and started “adult life” with a 9-5 job and 20 days off/ year I kind of forgot this bittersweet feeling around the end of August and the beginning of September. The time when the balmy days are over but you’re about to see your classmates again and share all the memories of the past months of summer, when everything changed, yet remained the same.

After summer school, Casal Jove (the youth center where we work) closed for August so I had the whole month to relive this state of mind. The first days were a little weird, the daily routine of work disappeared, my flatmate was out of town and I had so much free time I didn’t know if I like it or not. I decided not to go home to Hungary and have the vaccination in Spain instead, using the month to soak in the lifestyle as much as I can.

I had long beach days and hang out with my local friends but I was eager to meet new people and have new experiences. This is how I ended up doing a short Workaway session in Sancti Spiritus, near to Salamanca. I spent a week with a bunch of artist in a rural experimental space helping with their permaculture field and current art projects. I’m pretty much a city girl, so if some years ago you tell me that I’ll pick vegetables, use rotary hammer, carry cement bricks in the countryside of Spain, I would have said you’re a mentiroso. But it happened and i LOVED it just as much as I loved helping to install one of the guy’s photo exhibiton in the local church. I met amazing people who treated me as family from day 1, I tried new things, saw new places and survived with my Spanglish knowledge.

Saying goodbye to a nice adventure is never easy, so I was a bit afraid of coming back to Puerto de Sagunto, but it seems like summer’s magical vibes are still on! I keep meeting wonderful new people but it’s more than good to see the familiar faces and “be back home”.