Re-energising at home – Erin

The past 5/6 months have been a real whirlwind of challenges, fun experiences, and memories I will treasure. Now it’s time for me to re-energise and spend time at home in the UK with my family and friends. Due to covid it has been a long time since I have seen them all, and it’s wonderful to spend time in the countryside and the rain at home, which surprisingly, I have missed!! I had to take a PCR before coming home which I was very nervous about having spent a lot of time in different schools with very young children, but it was negative which was a relief.

I have just finished my quarantine on arrival back to the UK. Since being here I have accidently said some words in Spanish and then been confused my parents don’t understand! Shows how I have adjusted! This month I plan on going to London to visit some friends and going camping in the Lake District. I am making the most of being at home, but I think in a few weeks I will be ready to go back all refreshed and see my lovely friends and the Spanish sun. 😉