Today is difficult tomorrow will be worse but later the sun will rise

adiós verano…

Summer is over, with it the laughter in the pool, the improvised plans, the smell of sunscreen have gone… Now September begins, the month that we never want to arrive but that with its speed, surprises us every year.

These month I have learned that you cannot expect anything from anyone, that people who love you care about you, that the only love you need is your own, that not everything always works out well, that you have to let yourself go more often. That time is more enjoyable with a positive attitude.  Every summer he teaches us a new lesson, it is your decision to learn it or let it pass.  Although I know that it is difficult to take the step, I am going to take advantage of it.

Living is based on changing scenery, new opportunities and the little things of the day to day.  It is not starting from scratch, it is continuing, and this time with experience.

I came back from Paris, where I went to visit my friend, with a lot of memories. I missed Spain and the Spanish sun so much during my time there.  luckily it didn’t take long for us to meet.

it will not have been the best summer or the summer that we expected but it has been the summer in which we have met wonderful people, the summer in which we have realized that the people we loved the most from one day to the next can change, the summer in which the phrase “it is not the moment” has been engraved in our heads, the summer in which we have taken advantage of every moment…