Thinking out loud

I’m not sure how much of what I’m thinking can be conveyed to the page. People use their experiences to make a location their home. All objects and persons are ghosts unless we have memories of them. However, as your memories gather and your days pass bitterly and sweetly, you begin to form your own impressions of that city. Others are oblivious to it. Mondays may not be your favorite day, but your commitment and determination can motivate us to get out of bed early to get ready for work.

Our determination and passion assist us in overcoming difficulties that may stand in our way of accomplishing our objectives.

By the way, I’m quite pleased that my project is now completely face-to-face. We do many activities with the young people in the youth center where I worked within the scope of the project. Meeting new persons entails gaining new knowledge. We discover that we are both extremely similar and very different as we converse with one other. I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone I met in Spain, and I consider them all members of my family.

I think Spain taught me many new aspects of life. Also, when I say that I am Turkish here, the reactions I get surprise me. Honestly, it made me very happy to hear such good things about my country and its people in such a distant place. Being alone and apart from my family was one of the most difficult things for me. Aside from that, I think I’ve grown to be more self-sufficient and psychologically tough. Getting out of my comfort zone has always been beneficial for me. I am grateful to the people who gave me this opportunity. I believe that with this project, I had the chance to raise awareness of young people and children about people from different cultures